LexisNexis® Entity Insight

Setting a new industry standard in supplier and third-party risk monitoring helps you proactively manage risk ahead of a financial stress score

LexisNexis Entity Insight is a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for proactively monitoring local and global suppliers and third-party business partners. It sets a new industry standard by helping you manage risk in your supplier and third-party portfolio ahead of a financial stress score. The solution leverages a wide range of market intelligence unavailable on the open Web and applies the industry standard PESTLE analysis framework (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental). LexisNexis Entity Insight helps you anticipate and manage risk more effectively, gain better visibility and market intelligence on your supply chain and third-party portfolio.

Proactive risk management driven by PESTLE analysis framework

Designed for procurement, supply chain and compliance professionals, LexisNexis Entity Insight uses the industry standard PESTLE analysis framework (Political, Economic Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental) to enable you to focus and prioritize.

Proactive risk management driven by PESTLE analysis framework

The PESTLE proprietary scoring algorithm applies robust analytics andvisualization to help youquickly identify issues that need attention.

Scan quickly and easily for problem areas that include everything from natural disasters to regulatory changes, product recalls, ethical issues, corruption, financial crime, reputational risk, country risks and more.

Be more proactive and decisive in your approach to risk management. Gain a comprehensive and consistent view ofyour supply chain and third-party network in seconds.

Flexible customization features enable you to weight the PESTLE scoring to your risk-based approach. Color coding offers you instant visualalerts, from red critical to amber warning.

Keep up with ever changing global risks

In a fast-changing international market, proactively monitoring supply chain and third-party risk is vital.

It can help you mitigate key business risks including:

Rapid, tailored insight for your business

Delivering curated and comprehensive global content, get access to a vast collection of media from around the world—including news publications, industry and trade journals, legal and regulatory publications, business journals, analytical sources and more. This includes information on private companies beyond what they self-report and information not found via Web searches alone.

The result is fast, efficient, cost effective risk media monitoring tailored to your business requirements and risk-based approach

An off the shelf solution for secure business growth

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